Funeral Dove Releases


  Long ago there was the belief that upon dying, that the soul was transformed into a dove which glided its way to heaven. Through white dove releases at funeral we bring that symbolism to your loved ones day.  We offer single releases and the "Trinity" release. 


Trinity Release

The Trinity release is truly spiritual.  Our first pure white first dove is released this symbolises the departing soul. The lead dove is then followed by three doves representing the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit.  The doves take wing from the chapel box, the feeling that your special someone is being escorted to the heavens is divine.

Respect in the Generations

Often we see the responsibilty elders place in the children of their family to carry on the family business and name.

  Having a younger generation release the elder is  symbolism of the passing of the responsibilty of the generation.  The Dove release is a beautiful representation of the espect held for the passed family member, its is an honour and  that will remain with the youth for a lifetime.   The gesture represents respect, gratitude and release.

The Joy and Emotion

You can not deny the emotions that come with the release of a dove at a funeral or remembrance release. 

The joy mixed with release and pain and grieving take flight with the bird. The simplicity of a white doves released at your loved ones is elegant. 

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