Questions About Dove Releases

What happens to the birds when they are released?

Once the Doves take to the sky they normally circle the area a few times acquiring their bearings and flying home.  

Where can I release a dove?

 There are some areas we will not release our birds.  For a safe dove release no power line wires or predatory birds overhead and clear enough to allow the doves freedom of flight to the sky.

A dove release should be done at least two hours prior to sunset.  This is to give the birds the chance to return to home prior to dark. Dove releases can only occur in good weather and in outdoor areas.

Do the doves know where home is?

Eternal Doves are white racing pigeons, they have a natural instinct to return to home .White homing pigeons like those used at Eternal Doves have strong homing instinct and on their return they are rewarded with a delicious meal and fresh water and their family.

Who releases the doves?

Eternal Doves representatives are always present at the time of release. Our professional staff, is. courteous, reliable. Various people from your event ca can hold and enjoy the thrill of releasing the doves with our guidance. 

What is the release area for your dove releases?

 We keep our  birds within 60 km of their home in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast.  

While bird releases at various celebrations are billed as "dove" releases, no ethical company would release a true dove.  An actual  dove is smaller, not a strong flyer, and has no homing instinct.   It would be potentially cruel to perform a dove release.  

When are doves released at a wedding?

It can be done at any time during an outdoor wedding.  If it is a church affair, dove releases for weddings are typically performed  after the couple exits the church to greet their guests.

Can I hold a dove?

Yes.  We will show you how.  Representatives from Eternal Doves are always on hand and can guide guests in holding and releasing the doves at the proper moment.  Our doves are easily handled, and  the experience of sending one winging on its way skyward can be quite  thrilling.

Do I need to worry about doves going to the bathroom during a release?

We pick the best birds for that day.  We take every precaution to avoid this happening.  If this is a serious concern we recommend the basket for absolute safety.  If you prefer a hand release we suggest holding the birds out from you somewhat prior to release


Dove releases in the local area begin at just $150 for a single bird.  Pricing is based on the number of doves, the type of  release, the event, and the distance. Please contact  us for an accurate price for  your specific event.  A full price list is in a downloadable pdf below

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