Wedding Releases

A Symbol of Our Eternal Love

Dove releases at weddings are a symbolic gesture that your love will be enduring and Eternal.  Doves mate for life, their bonds are strong, their love is deep and the release of a pair into the skys on your special day is a promise to love like a dove.  Eternal doves are white homing pigeons, together they glide high in the sky and head for home, their  journey represents your special day being the start of your loving journey through life together.

How many Doves can we release

At Eternal dove we have a wide range of services from single pure white doves, pairs for wedding couples, and options for larger releases by bridal parties.  Release a single pair or a flock for a dramatic effect. 

Choses from hand release, two display cages or your birds for the day in one single cage together.

Basket or Hand Release


We also offer many packages, ranging from basket and hand releases and combinations with display doves.  Basket releases suit those not quite sure of holding the birds, yet still want the symbolism and beauty at the event. We have baskets for single double and multiple birds.  All our baskets are vintage white wicker baskets, decorated with simple white ribbon & roses. Our rought iron hand crafted display cages are just stunning.

Wedding White Dove Release